Management System Training


    • To help the individuals identify their strengths and further build on them.
    • To make the individuals excel in a unique way in their life


    • To inculcate self-confidence and prepare individuals to be equipped with the latest essential Life Skills and Soft Skills.
    • To facilitate at all levels to enjoy the advantages of Essential Life Skills and further develop employability skills among individuals.
    • To assist in emotional, intellectual and social grooming of an individual through the medium of effective communication.


    Motivated Humans with enhanced responsibilities and competencies.


    To bring the positive change in the individuals and organizations to help them to reach out to their goals by providing them with Quality inputs in the multidiscipline program conducted by LMS Academy a division of LMS Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

    Equivalence And Recognition Of QST

    QST is a member of IPC. QST provides worldwide certification for auditors of management systems and approval of training organizations and certification of their auditor training courses.

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